July 1956
Ejiri Radiator Industries established in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.
December 1959
The Company name changed to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing and moved the head office to the central Nagoya area.
March 1968
Koyorad established a radiator and oil cooler factory in Nagoya.
Service and production facilities were separated.
July 1970
The company incorporated as Koyo Radiator Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
January 1979
Koyorad expanded its production by making the second factory for corrugated fin radiators.
February 1982
Koyorad started to produce plastic tanks by setting the first plastic tank injection machine.
December 1984
Five-story headquarters building built
March 1985
The corrugated fin radiator production expanded by making the third factory.
April 1986
A tooling factory opened.
December 1988
A press factory opened adjacent to the tooling facility.
December 1989
The first factory renovated to a complete corrugated fin radiator production facility.
June 1990
For R&D, a heat transfer test machine installed.
March 1993
Koyorad started producing aluminum radiators
February 1994
PT. Koyo Jaya Indonesia (KJI) established and based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
August 1994
First production of copper radiators started at KJI.
August 1996
The second production facility opened to start producing copper tanks at KJI. A new KJI shipping facility opens.
October 1998
The third production facility opened to start producing aluminum radiators at KJI.
April 2000
Koyo Cooling Systems (KCS) established and based in Torrance, California.
October 2002
KJI acquired ISO9001 certification.
December 2004
Koyorad opened up its second foreign sales office in Singapore, Koyo International Operations Pte Ltd (KIO).
February 2005
The second foreign factory also established in Suzhou, China, Koyo Heat Exchange (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (KHE).
April 2005
Koyo Cooling Systems opened up its second office in New Jersey, New York.
October 2005
KHE factory construction commenced.
April 2006
Marked a milestone in the history of Koyorad as celebration of 50 years presence in the industry in Japan. The company name is renewed as Koyo Radiator Company, LTD.

Koyo Cooling Systems expanded its operations by leaps and bounds by moving into a larger facility located in Irvine, California.
October 2006
Koyo Heat Exchange (Suzhou) Co., Ltd started a first production.
January 2009
KHE acquired ISO9001 certification.
April 2009
KHE second factory started a first production.
July 2010
Koyo International Operations Pte Ltd, Netherlands Branch established.
January 2011
Koyo International Operations Pte Ltd, Netherlands Branch commenced operation.
August 2013
KCS warehouse opened in Perris, California.
September 2014
The third foreign factory established in Myanmar, Koyorad Myanmar Corporation Co., Ltd (KMC).
November 2014
KMC was approved as a first Special Economic Zone of companies in Myanmar.
August 2015
KMC first factory completed.
October 2015
KMC started a first production.
July 2016
The company name is renewed as KOYORAD Company, LTD.
May 2019
Opened East Japan Sales Headquarters and East Japan Distribution Center in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
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